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Beer and Liberland

Prague beer shop Galerie Piva (Beer Gallery), located in Krymska street 36, Prague, Czech Republic, decided to support the idea of the Free State Liberland by providing special set of craft beers. 

Liberbeer is taking best from both current global trend of craft beers and traditional most famous Czech brewery schools. 

Beer is of high quality, using selected beer hops and other ingredients, such as selected water from Ore Mountains on Czech and German border. Apart from that, no additional techniques or artificial preservatives have been used. Avoiding additional procedures, such as pasteurization or filtration prolongs the durability of other beers, but negatively affects their quality and taste.

The aim of the collaboration between the Beer Gallery (Galerie Piva) and Liberland State is not only promotion of Liberland and libertarian ideas, but also financially support Liberland growth. From every sold Liberbeer (draft or bottled), a voluntary tax of CZK 2 (0.1$) has been remitted to the Liberland state account. 

The quality of Liberbeer has been granted by the maltster of Krušnohor brewery, awarded as maltster talent 2016 by "Pivo, Beer and Ale" magazine.